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Rangers of the Rift is a new Young Adult Dark Urban Fantasy series by Author River K. Scott.

The story follows 17 year old Emily Mars as she navigates her powers and her responsibilities as a ranger, guarding our world from things that go bump in the night.

If you like action-packed suspense, supernatural mysteries, and a splash of romance, you’ll love River K. Scott’s thrilling tale.

TECHTONIKA media has helped Author River K. Scott launch 6 books in the series, along with a season 1 book set, that covered the first 4 stories.
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How we do it


The first step we took was to better understand the audience the series was written for. The Rangers of the Rift series addresses a younger audience, in the 14 to 17 range.

Our second step was to develop a design proposition for the intro book of the series, Episode 0, which would launch as a test to establish the interest in both the story and the design of the covers.

When developing the style for Episode 0 we took into account that this design approach would need to be carried on throughout the series. We build a design that was replicable in style and feel, created visual consistency but also generated interest and curiosity.

How It Came Out

Our End

The book series Rangers of the Rift has now evolved to include 6 books in ebook format, but also covers audiobooks and will soon be released in print format as well.

To further drive the brand established by the series, we developed a comprehensive press kit, in the same visual style as the books. The press kits included additional information about the series, its author and where the books could be purchased.

Along with the press kits, TECHTONIKA Media designed a series of stickers and book marks for the fans of the series. These bonus elements were designed based on the symbolism in the book, but also meaningful locations and storylines.
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