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Morem Group contacted TECHTONIKA Media to reposition their brand to better reflect their growing business but also their expertise on a wide variety of projects.

As a custom furniture manufacturer, Morem Group worked with individual clients, but also took on large scale commercial projects for their B2B clients.

Morem Group wanted a brand that represented what the company stood for today, highlighted their unique selling point, their versitility and a logo that would hint at their modern, angular designs.

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How we do it


We kicked off the project by first doing an audit of the current brand to establish a list of wants and needs for the brand we would redesign.

We also took the team through a process of establishing Morem’s Brand DNA from both a messaging and visual perspective. We analyzed their target audience, their unique selling proposition and how they were conveying that message on their social media platforms.

We drew out a new direction for the brand that better reflected their modern and versatile approach to the business, but also developed a consistent brand design that would carry on throughout all of their future assets.
How It Came Out

Our End

After launching the brand’s new visual identity and messaging, we continued to shape and refine what Morem meant as a service provider. We developed additional assets that would further establish the new brand identity and cement Morem’s new position in the market.

We created a series of templates for their social media platforms for a more cohesive approach to their visual communication as well as print and digital assets they could use to further promote the Morem Brand.

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