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The Ace coin set, also known as the “Four of a Kind” set, are a limited edition design that TECHTONIKA Media developed for Treasures of Oz and Tokelau. They feature 4 silver minted coins, shaped like poker playing cards. The first set represents the 4 aces of the card deck.

The current card suits as we know them, Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds, are what is know as the French suit, and their origin can be traced back to one person – Étienne Vignoles.

The coins are also highlighted with color in a way that matches the original card deck design. Each set is accompanied by a certification of authenticity and only 500 have been minted, making them a collector’s item.
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The minting process is a highly technical one and generates certain limitations in regard to design. We knew we wanted to develop a set that was intricate yet elegant, where all pieces had their own personality and style, yet still felt like their belonged to a series.

We decided to propose a half silver – half color design that would further enhance the visual impact of the coins and create a beautiful contrast against the sleep silver.

The process of developing the coins involved many rounds of sketching and testing to ensure that the designs were something that could be accurately manufactured and produced.
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Additionally to the designs of the coin set we also developed a packaging concept that would match the set in elegance and quality. We went for a textured dark carbon grey box with a highlighted silver engraving of the Ace Set logo design.

The central visual of the set acts as a logo and revolves around the concept of a Casino themed design, resembling a stylized poker chips.

The certificate of authenticity was designed in the same elegant style as the rest of the assets and printed on a dark grey surface.

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Collaborative, engaged, responsive, creative!

TECHTONIKA Media has worked as my book cover designer for the young adult contemporary fantasy series, Rangers of the Rift. To date, they have completed seven fiction covers in e-book, print, and audiobook formats. Because of their high quality work and brilliant artistic aesthetic, I have contracted their services for the remainder of my series. I will also be using their services for other projects in the future.

TECHTONIKA Media has a keen eye for detail, color, and design and brings many years of working in the book industry to the fore when collaborating on a new project. They will ensure that the cover is eye-catching in large and thumbnail format as well as readable. They are versed in the size/format requirements of various printing and publishing platforms. They can provide direction if you’re new to the industry, and can take direction if you know exactly what you want. They are competent in series design work, able to create covers that are visually different while still belonging to the “family.”

What I especially love is their creativity while staying within the bounds of the design specifications, including the more subtle requirements in terms of tone and mood. They can create custom/original art as well as manipulate and incorporate stock and pro photography and fonts.

–  Lora Rivera, Author of the Rangers of the Rift

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